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Academic Programs

At PS 56, our academic program is aligned to Next Generation Standards, where students are provided with rigorous tasks and learning activities that foster creative thinkers, problem solvers, and well-rounded individuals.


PS 56 focuses on developing a passion and love for reading and writing through authentic experiences that challenge our students to think critically, be creative, visualize, and engage in discussion and problem solving. Grades K-5 utilize Expeditionary Learning, which uses rich, authentic core reading and writing materials, seeks to incorporate strong, clear protocols to support excellent classroom instruction, and contains rich differentiated material. Additionally, in grades K-2, Fundations is utilized in order to teach foundational reading skills. Across the grades, an emphasis will be placed upon reading of texts through well-developed classroom libraries and scheduled independent reading time. We focus on exposing our students to the genres of informational reading/writing, opinion/persuasive reading/writing, and narratives.


Our students learn multiple methods of problem solving, and are taught to explain their thinking verbally and in writing. We utilize such programs as Number Talks, Illustrative Math, and Quick Drills.

International Baccalaureate

PS 56 entered Year 3 of the Primary Years Program for International Baccalaureate authorization during the 2023-2024 school year. We have integrated the IB approach throughout our educational philosophy and instructional planning. 

All IB programs include four foundational and interrelated elements: international mindedness, the IB learner profile, a broad, balanced, conceptual and connected curriculum, and approaches to teaching and learning.  Recognizing how young children learn, the PYP model moves learning across, between and beyond disciplines. Our students engage in multiple transdisciplinary units throughout the school year, and integrate the Learning Profile attributes into our entire curriculum, ensuring that our students develop into communicators, risk takers, inquirers and more.

World Language

At PS 56, we believe that ALL students benefit from learning a second language and developing a better understanding of language and culture as global citizens.  We teach foundational Spanish during the regular school day, during after school clubs, and integrated into content learning.


Students in grades 2-5th grade learn about coding, digital literacy, programming, and research skills in our tech lab. 


Beginning in Pre-K, all students in our school receive dance 1-2 times a week. Our lower grade students develop as an artist through play, creative movement, and explorations, while our upper grade students study various forms of dance and dive deeper into creating. Our dance program also uses movement to explore, embody, and express learning in other content areas, such as literacy, science, social studies, and math. We have two larger performances to share with the community what we are learning and several smaller showings. Students engage with the diverse art programs in NYC through field trips, visiting guest artists, and seeing live performances.


Our Pre-K – 2nd grade program is designed to enhance basic movements for young children. The goal is to develop patterns of movement that can translate into more complex physical skills as students get older. Children will be acclimated to an environment where they are comfortable in exploring different types of physical activities and become enthusiastic about play.


Our 3rd – 5th grade program strives to educate students to be healthy and active throughout their lives. Regular physical activity is imperative to the well-being of all people and good health habits begin in childhood. Our focus is to motivate children toward a physically active lifestyle by helping them to value wellness, understand the physiological benefits of exercise, perform a variety of movements, and appreciate the joy of activity.

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