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Stay Connected


Konstella is the school communications platform that connects parents to teachers, to each other, to the PTA and committees within our school. At the beginning of the school year, you will be invited to join your child’s classroom to connect with the teacher and other parents.

As a parent or guardian of a child at PS 56, you are automatically a member of our PTA. Meetings are held once a month and updates are provided by Principal Grande, PTA Officers and Committee Chairs.

Visit our PTA page for more information.

Monthly Meetings


Class parents work closely with their child’s classroom teacher and provide updates from the school and PTA to their respective classes. They also assist with coordinating volunteers as needed and help foster a sense of community within their class. Generally, each class has 2 class parents. Class parent sign-ups will be announced on Konstella.

NYC Schools Accounts (NYCSA)

You can receive updates directly from the Department of Education by creating a NYCSA.  Once you have the basic version, you can upgrade and link your child to your account to check grades, attendance and more. Please visit the NYCSA Account Set Up Guide for Parents.

If you are new to NYCSA, you will receive an Authorization letter with a creation code the first week of school via backpack with instructions and a code to create your account and link your children to it. You will also need your child’s student ID to link your account to your child.

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