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Beginning in Pre-K, all students in our school receive dance 1-2 times a week. Our lower grade students develop as an artist through play, creative movement, and explorations while our upper-grade students study various forms of dance and dive deeper into creating. Our dance program also uses movement to explore, embody, and express learning in other content areas such as literacy, science, social studies, and math.

We have two larger performances to share with the community what we are learning and several smaller showings. Students engage with the diverse art programs in NYC through field trips, visiting guest artists, and seeing live performances.


Physical Education

Our Pre-K – 2nd grade Physical Education program is designed to enhance basic movements for young children. The goal is to develop patterns of movement that can translate into more complex physical skills, as students get older. Children will be acclimated to an environment where they are comfortable in exploring different types of physical activities and become enthusiastic about play.

Our 3rd – 5th grade Physical Education program strives to educate students to be healthy and active throughout their lives. Regular physical activity is imperative to the well-being of all people and good health habits begin in childhood Our focus is to motivate children toward a physically active lifestyle by helping them to value wellness, understand the physiological benefits of exercise, perform a variety of movements and appreciate the joy of activity.

Dance & Phys Ed: Admissions
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