World Language
Spanish Program

In Fall of 2017, PS 56 initiated a “World Language Spanish” program.  Through this academic approach, our students are exposed to the general education curriculum, while simultaneously obtaining foundational Spanish language instruction with the ultimate goal of Spanish language proficiency.

Research has shown, that language instruction, especially in early childhood, benefits student brain development and educational outcomes for years to come in all academic areas.

Within the initial stages of the program, our students will be receiving the majority of their instruction in English, especially in the core areas, such as reading, writing and mathematics.  However, the instructors will be teaching basic Spanish vocabulary, numbers, colors, and songs over the course of the primary grades.  As students’ progress through the grades of our program, we will increase the percentage of instruction taking place in Spanish to encourage greater command of the language and to develop full bilingual students with command of both English and Spanish by the time they leave PS 56.   They will develop conversation and writing skills in the 2nd language, listen to instruction in Spanish, and respond to the teacher and their peers in their new language.