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After School Programs at PS 56

After School: Courses

This program will be hosted every day after school at PS 56. Please click here to see more information and register on the website. Be sure to register for the PS 56 site. Open to PK-5th grade. 

Starting 9/29 for 12 sessions, ending 11/28

Click here to register: 
Pre-K -2nd Grade - Mondays

Grade 3rd - 5th Grade- Tuesdays

Chess Club

Mr. Keys holds beginner and advanced chess throughout the year. Contact Mr. Keys to learn more.

Dance Club

Ms. Swan holds a dance club throughout the year for 4th and 5th grades. Contact Ms. Swan to learn more.

Fun Fitness

Ms. Calabro holds a Phys Ed club throughout the year for 3rd - 5th graders. Contact Ms Calabro to learn more. 

Girl Scouts

Ms. Johnson leads Girl Scouts throughout the year. Contact Mr. Williams, Parent Coordinator to learn more.

Academic Intervention

Typically these groups begin in the spring semester.

Little Orchestra  After School

Students compose their own melodies and learn to write harmony parts, countermelodies, and rhythmic percussion accompaniment. Their final compositions will be performed for an at a Celebration Event.

Small group classes offered to grades K – 5 on Thursdays. For more information click here. To add your name to the waiting list please contact  Please feel free to reach out with any questions and to explore our program more here:

After School: Admissions
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